Linda Deos for Yolo County Supervisor

We Must Create More High Quality, Affordable
Child Care in Davis and Yolo County

FACT: In California, the price of center-based child care for an infant exceeds the cost of college tuition, while the cost for two children exceeds average annual mortgage payments.

FACT: Not only is childcare too expensive, it is also less and less accessible. Right here in Yolo County, only 27% of children in need of childcare received care. 

FACT: Yolo County has not had a female Board member in ten years. Studies show that when more women serve in office, more money is invested in support for families, education, childcare and seniors.

Leadership is needed to help our working parents and children survive and thrive in our community.

As your next Supervisor, I will put our children and families first, and childcare will be one of my top priorities.

As your next Supervisor I will:

  • Ensure that a major portion of the County’s cannabis revenue is used to increase childcare access and improve quality
  • Strengthen strategic public and private partnerships to achieve increased access to affordable quality child care for all working families
  • Work with our local cities to advocate for inclusion of child care facilities in new developments
  • Coordinate with local employers to offer options for employer-supported child care for their employees including “Family Friendly Work Policies”
  • Support applications for new and expanded funding opportunities to increase accessibility to affordable child care
  • Strengthen and improve the collaboration among local child care organizations to expand and improve the quality of child care options available in Yolo County
  • Work to secure board support for local, state and federal legislation that expands quality child care opportunities for low-income children