Linda Deos for Yolo County Supervisor

Making Yolo County a Global Leader
to Achieving a Green New Deal

Yolo County has consistently been a world leader in sustainability and in the fight against climate change. Yolo was the first county in the U.S. to be grid-positive, meaning we produce more electricity through renewable energy projects than the county facilities use.

To further our local commitment to building a sustainable future, Yolo County must:

  • Match the City of Davis’ commitment to carbon neutrality by 2040
  • Significantly improve our mass transit system to reduce commute traffic to Sacramento and the Bay Area while making alternative modes of transportation both workable and accessible.
  • Create innovative solutions to the state’s affordable housing crisis that are built to green standards, avoid sprawl, and meet the needs of local residents.
  • Expand Valley Clean Energy, including purchasing our lines and poles from PG&E, so that we get 100% of our energy from renewable sources.
  • Ensure that rural counties like Yolo that have committed to preserving farmland and avoiding sprawl are fairly compensated by the state. The fact is, each acre of agriculture and open space conserved saves nearly 100 times the amount of GHG emissions that would result if the land were converted to urban use. But our tax code benefits communities with big box stores at the same time it penalizes communities with large amounts of farmland. These perverse incentives must be changed.

Act Local, Think Global

To meet the climate challenge, we must create a sustainable, equitable 21st-century economy not just in Yolo, but throughout the world, with a new green job economy and a refined sense of health and safety for people, ecosystems and the planet.

With our large sustainable agricultural community, innovative city partners and a global leading University with climate change specialists, Yolo County is uniquely positioned to become the global leader for a Green New Deal.

This means we must:

  • Further our partnerships with UC Davis wherever possible. UC Davis is at the forefront of every discipline that is fundamental to solving the climate challenge, and can help us accelerate groundbreaking and practical interventions.
  • Create a Rural Innovation Hub in Yolo that can become the leading research park in the world for building a sustainable planet.
  • Secure state and federal support for farmers seeking to transition to regenerative agriculture.